Integrated land development and real estate services:

  • Building licenses
  • Construction of building projects
  • Property evaluation
  • Urban property control
  • Topographical applications
  • Environmental studies

Our company is able to offer a full package of services regarding your property. We are now able to provide everything a house needs after your departure from the island, so each time you return to your home it feels like you have never been away.

A full team of craftsmen is available to offer services inside and outside the house, at extremely competitive prices. From taking care of the garden to keeping everything clean inside and outside the house. Minor repairs and maintenance are no longer your concern for you, while away, but our own responsibility.

Full service and care package includes:

servicesHolding onto the keys:  We can hold on to the keys of the house, warehouse and parking space.

Weekly routine monitoring: Periodic monitoring of the internal and external spaces of the house, focusing on possible electrical or water pipe issues, humidity etc.

Ad-hoc monitoring: Besides the weekly inspection of your home, we will perform ad-hoc inspections immediately after extreme weather conditions and you we will contact you immediately in case of any resulting issues.

Ventilation: Open windows. Special care will be given to closed spaces like closets, kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Emergency heating activation in case of extreme humidity after consultation.

Inspection of mechanical installations: Check of all electrical and plumbing installations.

Paying bills: Undertaking the payment of bills for water, electricity and phone.

Maintenance / minor repairs:

  • Hydraulic minor repairs (toilet flushers, rubber o rings, removing of lime scale from taps, tap sieves etc.)
  • Setting timers
  • Clean roof and gutters – control gutter sieves
  • Oiling hinges, caring of door case or window frame mechanisms, caring of rubbers
  • Change water filter when required
  • Testing sieve frames
  • Anti-corrosion protection for small scale erosions
  • Clean A/C filters, depending on use, when needed
  • Control of supports for pergolas/ reeds
  • Check water tanks
  • Calling of a specialist team in case of rodents’ appearance etc.
  • Ensure use of sewage removal track

Our company also offers the services below on request:

  • Monitoring of water tank (Tank level control and care for filling it if required).
  • Vehicle control (Control of vehicle or vessel, if left behind during off-holiday season).
  • Preventive maintenance (Organization and supervision of preventive maintenance or refurbishment (house colors, various repairs) after a written economic and technical agreement with the owner).
  • Pool maintenance
  • Garden maintenance
  • Disinsectization
  • Household services assistant


Our company also offers the services below on request:



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